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Appointment Letter for Hotel General Manager

Letter of Appointment  for Hotel General Manager or Unit Manager


<Candidate Name>

<Address Line -I>

<Address Line -II>

City, State and PIN


The undersigned is pleased to appoint you on the post of ___________________ at <Hotel Name and Location> in New Age Hotels and Resorts subject to the following terms and conditions:


  1. Date of joining: dd/mm/yyyy
  2. Reporting to: <Title of the Reporting Manager>
  3. You will be initially working out of <Property Location> but your services are transferable to any other offices of the Company, basis the company requirements.
  4. You are also required to travel for company projects and meetings from time to time.
  5. You have given us to understand that there are no secrecy / service agreements that you may have executed, which could have a bearing on your working with us. In case there are any do immediately apprise us.
  6. This letter of appointment is based on the information furnished by you during our discussions. If, at any time in future, it comes to light that any of this information is incorrect or any relevant information has been withheld, then your employment is liable to be terminated without notice.
  7. All matters pertaining to your appointment and compensation are strictly confidential and it should be treated as such.
  8. You are required to sign a Non Disclosure Agreement (Non Disclosure of Confidential Information) as part of our rendering our Services to our Clients, on the date of your joining. This Agreement is to protect the interests of the Organization by maintaining confidentiality of all information, which may be accessible to you during the course of your work. The information includes all kinds of documentation, printed or electronic, all kinds of software that are third party, company owned, or personally created.


Role and Responsibility:

  1. Accountable for managing profitability with monthly/quarterly/annual sales exceeding agreed percentage while simultaneously increasing brand recognition through efficient operations.
  2. Achieve sales growth to budget annually and maintain ADR, Occupancy along with RevPAR.
  3. Consistently maintain best in company cost of goods to budgeted goals.
  4. Increase hourly employee efficiency and reduced labor costs while maintaining quality.
  5. Manage controllable costs to ensure adherence to budget guidelines and expectations.
  6. Accomplish HR objectives by recruiting, selecting, orienting, coaching, and disciplining subordinates.
  7. Facilitate vender relationships for purchasing and cost control capitalizing on the economy of scale.
  8. Initiate and lead the completion of objectives in Property Improvement Plan, keeping improvements ahead of schedule as well as keeping improvements under budget.
  9. Coordinate web and social media to generate more online presence resulting in a higher rate of group bookings and overall sales.
  10. Develop relations with local corporate to become primary provider of lodging for business operations and events.
  11. Hold a leadership role in the in-house restaurant including menu development, pricing, operational procedure development, and restaurant workflow planning.
  12. Ensure all customers have a great dining experience by identifying their needs, providing excellent customer service, preparing orders, and effectively dealing with suggestions and complaints.
  13. Created a motivated and positive environment to inspire employees and make the customer feel welcome.
  14. Train and develop all staff members to ensure delivery of quality service and uphold service standards.
  15. Participate in all revenue strategy meetings with other Managers (Revenue, Sales Leader etc) in an effort to drive revenues.



  1. Consolidated salary of Rs. ________/- per month. All the taxes and other levies shall be deducted at source from your salary under Indian Income Tax law as applicable from time to time.
  2. You can be posted at any property of the New Age Hotels and Resorts without undermining your interests in respect of salary and status.


Probation, Confirmation & Performance Evaluation:

  1. You will be on probation for a period of one year from the date of your joining. During the probationary period, you are expected to demonstrate your suitability for the position to which you have been appointed.
  2. At the end of the probationary period, you will be informed in writing of the successful completion of your probation, if your performance is found satisfactory.
  3. Your performance will be evaluated on continuous basis. If your performance is not found satisfactory, your Probation Period is liable to be extended for another year.
  4. During the period of probation, your services are liable to be terminated without assigning any reason by giving one month notice or payment of one month salary in lieu thereof.

Other Terms and Conditions:

  1. You will be entitled for promotion to the next higher post subject to availability of vacancy and fulfillment of qualifications and other criteria as per guidelines of the company.
  2. Your employment with the company will be liable for termination by serving one month notice or payment of money equivalent to one month salary. In the event of your notice of resignation from the service, the company reserves the right to recover upto one month salary in lieu of the notice. Further, the company may terminate your service with one day notice period, if dismissal is due to misconduct or disciplinary reasons.
  3. After joining this company, you will be a full-time employee and will not undertake any business, work, public office, honorary or remunerating post/assignment whether with or without consideration except with the written permission of the company in each case.
  4. During your engagement with the Company, you will abide by the rules and regulations of the Company which are in force and as amended from time to time and shall perform your duties diligently without any complaint as per the duty schedule.
  5. The other terms and conditions of appointment which are not specified in this letter will be governed by the rules of this Company as framed/made applicable from time to time.
  6. You will intimate in writing to the management any change of address within a week from the date of change, failing which any communication sent at your last recorded address shall be deemed to have been served upon and received by you.
  7. Subsequent to resignation or termination, you shall be required to submit ‘No Dues Certificate’ from various offices/departments before the final settlement of the salary and other dues and issuance of experience certificate and relieving order.
  8. You will hand over the charge of the property and other material of the Company in your possession at the time of cessation of your employment with the Company.
  9. You will be liable to pay damage(s) to the Company for the loss caused by you directly or indirectly, in addition to other legal remedies, which may be required for violating any of the provisions of this appointment letter/ agreement.
  10. The Courts at Delhi will have exclusive jurisdiction over the appointment consequent to this letter and all matters arising thereof.
  11. Any instance of improper conduct, misconduct, gross negligence or abandonment of the position to which you have been appointed shall constitute sufficient grounds for immediate dismissal. In such an event, payment of salary and all other payments shall cease as per the date of this dismissal. Improper conduct shall be deemed to include direct or indirect participation by the employee or authorized agents in any political activity in any country or in any professional or business undertaking or activity that could lead to a conflict of interest.

Yours Sincerely,

Managing Director

I accept, in totality, the above terms and conditions of my employment and that these terms and conditions are subject to amendment and adjustment from time to time. I also undertake to abide by all Rules and Regulations of the Company as are in force from time to time.


Signature:           ___________________

                                    (Candidate Name)




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