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How to clear HR Round of Interview

Interviews and screening processes are crucial in any talent acquisition process.  Of these processes,  HR round is a must for all candidates before wrapping up the interview process. This is one of the crucial stages to clear, where a candidate is asked about previous company, salary expectations, future plans and so on.

There are many people out there who are unable to make it through the HR round. Not to worry, here are a few suggestions in terms of what qualities HR managers look for in a candidate, as per The Economic Times.


The first and the foremost quality HR looks in a candidate is the ability to endure in an unpleasant situation. Patience is one of the keys to success; person with high endurance can give high commitment level, handle the situation calmly and get the work done without any hassle.


This is the vital attribute to look for in a candidate. A trustworthy candidate can be very helpful for an organization in the long run.

Multi-tasking Skills

In any field, person with the ability to handle multi-tasking is an added benefit. Especially during cost cutting when there’s a sword hanging over every employee, candidates with multi-tasking abilities will never be in trouble. Therefore, by being a multi-tasker you can always stay one step ahead of others.


Every company wants their employee to be ambitious and expects them to have that urge to learn and grow. People who are self-driven and self-motivated become an important asset of organizations; hence organizations will definitely look for candidates who are smart and ambitious.

Team player and Positive attitude

A good team player with positive attitude is always an advantage for any organization.  These employees fill the office environment with positive vibes, which encourages other people also to show the same amount of dedication and determination towards work.

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