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How to Tell about yourself in interview

It’s time to sell yourself – but keep focused because you need to give a good overview of what you can do in relation to the position for which you are applying.

Summarise your work experience and the professional skills you have acquired. Concentrate on aspects of your experience that relate to the job. If marketing is a prerequisite for this job and you have marketing as part of your skills set, then make sure you focus on your experience in this field.

You could also refer to your education and tell the interviewer where and what you studied – include notable snippets like your majors, significant awards or a distinction average, but only if the subjects you studied are relevant to the job. You may want to briefly describe why you chose your subject area and career path.

Don’t ramble on: keep to the point (no more than four points in total) and don’t waste time on irrelevant information – make sure each point hits the mark for the job. Check with the job description and select four main aspects of the job that you could cover.

This question (or a variation like “Walk me through your background”) comes up in just about every job interview and many job searchers hate it.

They hate it because they get frustrated trying to decipher exactly what the interviewer is looking for. However, if you prepare properly, there’s no reason to dread this question.

In fact, this question is an opportunity — an opening for you to set the tone of the job interview and emphasize the points that you most want this potential employer to know about you.

Don’t waste the opportunity by simply diving into a long recitation of your resume. This also isn’t the time to mention that you love flamenco dancing and bingo (yes, I have seen candidates ramble on about hobbies and personal preferences many times and it’s a surefire way to make a weak first impression).

Instead, try a concise, enthusiastic response that summarizes your big-picture fit for the job. This is also a good opportunity to share some information about your proudest achievements and goals.

Finish off by briefly outlining your career plans and how the job on offer fits into those illustrious schemes.


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